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Building Well-Being

“From the responsibilities we accept

 with the projects we construct; our goal               

 is to build a healthy place in our world.”        

 - Leon LaJeunesse, Founder 

As builders of healthcare facilities, Custom Contracting keeps practitioners, patients, and their loved ones in mind as we strive to promote well-being in our community. 


For more than three decades our industry experience, knowledge, creativity, and resourcefulness have advanced an understanding of the ways the healthcare environment impacts successful patient outcomes – both during and after construction.

We draw on industry best-practices; integrating continuous improvement for the leading health care providers across our region.


We help you keep pace in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment with facility improvements that advance patient care and satisfaction.    



Some of our earliest projects included "cleanrooms" for industrial production and scientific research.  Cleanrooms are designed and built to maintain extremely low levels of particulates, like dust, airborne organisms, and vaporized particles that are counted as particles per cubic meter at the molecular level.

To anticipate and mitigate the risk of infection during construction, Custom Contracting strictly adheres to Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) standards to promote robust communication and cooperation that ensures healthy outcomes. 



Custom Contracting founder Leon LaJeunesse was an inaugural member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in Chicago (currently known as the "The Illinois Green Alliance") to advance environmentally friendly building solutions.


Mr. LaJeunesse was also among core members who developed the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Chicago Community of Practice (CoP) to enhance collaboration, increase schedule certainty, maximize budgets, and drive value on every project. 


Our team continually evolves with the ever-changing healthcare construction industry, developing new and better ways to serve our clients that are consistent with the guiding principles that are the foundation of the commitments we make to our clients, employees, trade partners, and community.


  • We deliver innovative projects to our clients consistently

  • We promote opportunities for continual growth for our team

  • We leverage diversity in a culture where all voices are heard 

  • We collaborate with our industry partners and treat them fairly 

  • We learn continually and share our expertise with future generations

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