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Plans may change. Our commitment doesn't.


Our collaborative approach
A process built on
principles proven in action
Custom Wall
Plans may change. Our commitment doesn't.
Custom Contracting Planning
Healthcare construction

Custom Contracting consistently delivers on our promise to build a healthier place in the world by adhering to industry best practices and keeping our commitment to the highest ethical standards.


Experience has taught us that collaboration with our clients is the key to creating facilities that support their business goals and

deliver exceptional experiences for those who work or reside within those environments.


To us, true collaboration means respect for the roles, responsibilities, and expertise of all involved; a mutual understanding of project goals and the metrics for success; a clearly articulated path for achieving them; and open lines of communication throughout every project we undertake.



Our process begins with comprehensive planning. Recognizing that a new or redesigned facility can become a catalyst for transforming operations, sparking innovation, and enhancing organizational culture, we methodically think through every process at every critical stage. That helps ensure that the resulting plan maximizes opportunities, mitigates risks, and clears the path for successful completion.



Whether the impetus for change is driven by a need to replace an aging facility, comply with new codes, enhance operational efficiency, accommodate advanced technology, or improve organizational outcomes, we work with your design team to develop construction strategies that align perfectly with your wants and needs.



Our estimating process promotes efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.  Plans change.  Our commitment does not.  We keep you informed throughout the project, address concerns quickly, and resolve issues before they become problems.



We work closely with your design team, local, and state regulatory bodies to secure permits, facilitate site inspections, and comply with all local, state, and national building codes. We are known for our attention to detail and meticulous adherence to the highest standards.



Our hands-on project management teams are a sustaining presence in the field to identify issues, provide solutions, delegate tasks,

maintain safety, and monitor progress. Each member is trained and experienced to anticipate and mitigate anything that might impact the schedule or budget.



Your mission is our mission. We are guided and empowered by that to deliver state-of-the-art services and facilities that meet quality

and performance expectations now and in the future. For example, Custom Contracting founder Leon LaJeunesse was an inaugural member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in Chicago (currently known as the “The Illinois Green Alliance”). He  was also among core members who developed the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Chicago Community of Practice (CoP).

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The work we do
Representative examples of our client engagements.
Howard Brown Health
Photo: McHugh Construction
Detail matters
Door hanging
John Sullivan

Facility Construction & Renovation

New Construction

Physicians Group Medical Office Buildout

Primary Care Facility

Emergency Generator Replacement

Equipment replacement



Fire Protection Consultation

Professional Offices & Suites

Medical Group Office Construction

Nurse Station

Reception Area

Flooring and Finishing

Garage Facility

Interior Remodeling & Upgrades

Air Handler Installation & Upgrades

Nurse Call Station


Safety Corrections

Kitchen & Food Preparation Equipment

Cafeteria and Food Service

Waterflow Test Assemblies

Stone Veneer Installation

Mechanical Installation & Upgrades

Curtain wall

Window replacement

Reception areas

Chapel Construction

Breakout Room

Emergency Services

Tenant Repairs & Buildouts

Specialty Unit Construction & Renovation

Pulmonary Care

Breast Health

Neonatal Intensive Care

Physical Therapy

Endocrinology Care

Cardiac Catheterization

Rheumatology & Osteoporosis



Cognitive & Memory Disorder


Laboratory Construction & Renovation

Simulation Laboratory

Laboratory Buildout

Gastrointestinal Laboratory Renovation

Breast Cancer Research Laboratory

Pathology Laboratory

GI Laboratory


Service Delivery Spaces Construction & Renovation

Surgical & Medical Intensive Care

Pharmacy Unit

Infusion Pharmacy

Clean rooms

Isolation Rooms

Operating Room

Ambulatory Surgery

Patient Rooms

Detox Unit


Specialty Equipment Installation

MRI Installation

Cardiac Imaging

Linear Accelerator (LINAC)

Waiting room
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