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Bill Brown


Member, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners

Member, Lean Construction Institute (LCI)

Member, Chicagoland AGC, Associated

  General Contractors of America

Certifications & Training

Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) Training Programs

  • Superintendent Career Training

  • COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification

  • UBC/ICRA: Best Practices in Health-Care Construction

  • Firestop

  • OSHA 30-Hour Class


United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Department of Education and Training (DET) Programs 

  • Collaborative Leadership: Building Jobsite Leaders



  • Hilti Firestop Specialty Training


Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council, Apprentice and Training Program (formerly Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters)

Bill Brown

Bill Brown brings more than 15 years of deep and broad experience with Custom Contracting—much of it in healthcare construction—to every project he undertakes. Bill began his career as a tradesman and has deftly translated the skills he developed in the trenches into a well-honed ability to keep even the most complex projects running smoothly, on time and on budget.


“I came to Custom Contracting as a journeyman carpenter and worked my way up through the ranks,” he says. “That’s what happens here. When it’s a good fit, Custom Contracting gives you every opportunity to grow in your job.”


Bill says he frequently finds working in healthcare environments challenging but always rewarding. “We do a lot of work in occupied healthcare where doctors and nurses are caring for patients. The key to our success is understanding the staff’s workflow and putting their needs first, even if it means stopping our work so they can do theirs. That’s how we build trust.


“I look at every patient around me as if he or she is my family member, which reminds me I better do my job right. That's the way I view everything I do and how I train the people who work on my projects. Do the right thing, and you almost always get the right result.”


Recognized for his technical expertise and methodical approach, he looks constantly for opportunities to enhance the safety, efficiency, and outcomes of projects under his watch. “At Custom Contracting, we're in depth and detail oriented,” he says. “I put a great deal of thought into how we can get the job done right the first time so nothing is wasted—not time, not money, not effort. I don’t mind having tough conversations if it means doing a better job.”

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